DTM Acrylic is the best paint for aluminum screen enclosure

Get your pool cage painted with Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic

Great for corrosion resistance!

Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic Coating is an interior/exterior, water-based, corrosion resistant acrylic coating for light to moderate industrial use for pool cage painters . Designed for new construction or pool enclosure painting use and can be used directly over prepared substrates.

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Resists chemicals and corrosion


Flash rust/early rust resistant

Suitable for use in USDA-inspected facilities



Iron and steel 


Galvanized steel primer 

Concrete and masonry 


Previously painted surfaces


An outstanding applied appearance, in just the right sheen for the job, is now available without sacrificing performance. Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic Coating delivers a high-performance finish and long-term durability in your choice of colors. 

Engineered for light to moderate industrial use on both interior and exterior surfaces, this coating may be applied directly to properly prepared metals, wood, drywall, and masonry substrates. Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic Coating is also ideal for protecting equipment, machinery piping, and structural steel. 

With a fast-drying finish, flash rust resistance and corrosion protection are more efficient than ever. 

The availability of Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic Coating in a broad range of colors ensures that regardless of the project or end use, finish aesthetics are easy to achieve. When a commercial, institutional, or light industrial environment requires lasting durability and an attractive finish, rely on Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic Coating.

Our recommendation

As the owner of Modern Pool Cage Painting I always strive to use the best paints out there. I use Sherwin Williams DTM paint for metal pool enclosures, lanais, porches and it holds up very well against the elements and is easy to work with. Even on oceanfront jobs with the salt air, it still has never let me down.

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