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Enclosure Screen Options

Phifer 18x14 Fiberglass Screen

We use 18x14 Phifer Glass Screen, NO-SEE-UMS 20x20 Mesh, Phifer Pet Screen and Florida Glass

This is the traditional screening choice for Enclosure Screen Restoration and Lanai Pool Rescreening . It is meant for applications that require extra strength. Essentially, this screening material is ideal for outdoor structures like screen rooms and patios. It has a sturdy mesh. This charcoal colored screening material is durable, and it has a better ability to resist weather damage. It provides good insect protection and ventilation.

The fiberglass is woven with precision to enhance flexibility, durability, and overall curb appeal. It is ideal for use in large openings that include patio and pool enclosures. Its sturdy construction enables it to withstand salty water and all climates. 18 x 14 fiberglass screening is stronger than the ordinary insect screening.

NO-SEE-UMS (20x20 Mesh)

Super Screen Heavy Duty is the strongest screen for the enclosure restoration

No-See-Ums screen provides amazing protection against sand flies, gnats and other small unwanted bugs. The effectiveness of this screen in keeping mosquitoes away has made it popular in places where tiny insects are a plague. 

No-See-Um screen has a super fine mesh that offers the best protection against annoying bugs and allows complete clear view.

  If you have felt something invisible is biting you, those are No-See-Ums. They are tiny gnat-like insects or creatures that are not possible to see with the naked human eyes. They come out during could months weather. They could be infectious. The most effective way to protect yourself and your family from these creatures is to install a no-see-um screen and keep them away once for all. Lanai Pool Rescreening

PetScreen (Pet-Proof Screens)

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Phifer Pet-screen requires skills and experience to be installed. That's why we are here for. In Modern Pool Cage Painting we master this kind of system installation and we have a trained and experienced team. Trust our professional to meet your needs.

Poking a pet screen into a channel using a screwdriver blade is not a simple task.

This screening material is ideal for cat and dog owners and many other pets. It is suitable for areas with high damage potential and high traffic areas, too. 

If you need to replace screens frequently due to damage by pets, this screen is the best option for you. It is a heavy-duty screen that won't be damaged by your pets. Lanai Pool Rescreening and Enclosure Screen Restoration.


Florida Glass, Privacy Screen

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Glas-Shield offers protection in enclosures. It keeps debris and dirt away, so you and your family can enjoy while feeling secure in privacy. This is the ideal screen to install in your property and keep bugs and leaves away.  

This screen can be used in mostly any structure for screen enclosure. This product is designed to be used in most vertical applications but, it can be used in panels that are beneath chair rails where it forms a half wall. It could also be used in entire walls where more privacy is required. Enclosure Screen Restoration & screen repair by Modern Pool Cage

Phifer Tuffscreen (Super Screen)

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Phifer Tuffscreen is a popular heavy-duty screen like no other. It is a tear resistant screening material that is three times stronger than the regular insect screening in the market. Perfect to use in areas that are exposed to potential damage or heavy wear in your property. Basically, the screening material is efficient for installation in areas where extra durability and strengths are priority. It is installed like other types of insect screening materials and It has a flat surface, a beautiful finish,equal aperture and amazing strength. 

SunScreen Shade Screening

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This screening material has the primary purpose of minimizing solar heat during summer and loss of interior heat during winter or cold weather offering 70% UV rays protection. The shading is easy to install on windows and enclosures of different sizes.It allows you to keep your spaces cooler y reducing energy expenses and It also helps you to prevent furniture and carpet fading by keeping UV rays away. It also provides more privacy.


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